CCS Public Relations

History and Philosophy

Employee-owned, journalism-based, media-savvy agency

CCS was founded by journalist Bob Fisher. A former reporter for the New York Herald Tribune, Bob knew he wasn’t a “9-to-5 kind of guy” and began his marketing communications career as a freelance writer of trade magazine articles. Soon, other companies employed his writing skills, and with more work than he could handle alone, Bob founded the company that today is CCS.

From the beginning, the agency made it a policy to hire former journalists to handle all research, writing and editing. Success led CCS to a large clientele of blue chip, global companies — virtually all of them referred by client word of mouth and marketing executives.

CCS’ corporate structure and work environment are central to its success. Key executives have stayed with the company for more than 25 years, providing continuity of client services and mentoring of new talent as the agency grows. Today, the agency is strategically headquartered in San Diego, with nine offices located across the United States.

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