CCS Public Relations

Video Production

Bring your customer stories to life

Professionally-developed corporate videos entertain, inform and sell. Broadcast projects are an effective way to engage an audience, deliver complex messaging simply and quickly, and bring your brand to life.

CCS brings unmatched expertise to video development projects featuring your customers. We can help qualify participants, secure the necessary approvals on both front- and back-ends, draft questions, prep the customers, handle all crew, travel and production logistics. These customer-centric video assets are succinct, dynamic, captivating and credible.

Our award-winning team hails from the no-nonsense news industry, where hard deadlines and strict budgets prevail. We will cost-efficiently produce your project from script to screen, and use the latest technologies to deliver a results-driven campaign with punch.

CCS provides full-service video development and production, including:

  • Concept Development
  • Scriptwriting
  • Field Production and Logistics Management
  • Field Direction
  • Narration
  • Special FX/Graphics/Animation
  • Post Production/Editing
  • Duplication and Distribution, including via satellite

Create on-time, on-budget, on-message videos that get results. Contact CCS <> to learn more and request links to samples.