CCS Public Relations

Case Study Development

Tell real-world stories that sell

Customer success stories demonstrate the benefits of your products in action, give real-world credibility to your messaging, and help sales teams close deals.

Since 1966, CCS has delivered more than 12,000 case studies to a number of the world’s foremost Fortune 500 companies. What distinguishes CCS-produced customer testimonials is meaningful content written with a fact-based, journalistic approach that customers and prospects find relatable. They want to know who else in their industry faced a similar challenge, what they did about it, and how it was resolved - in productivity gains, cost cutting tactics and other concrete metrics that corroborate ROI.

CCS case study interviewers and writers come from business-news backgrounds; they get the facts straight and shed the best possible light on your story.

CCS case studies and testimonials can be used and repurposed in a variety of ways:

  • Marketing Collateral
  • Web Content
  • Executive and Customer Presentations
  • Feature and Bylined Articles
  • News Releases, Press Kits, Media Guides
  • Newsletters
  • Editorial Backgrounders and Testimonials
  • Corporate Reports
  • White Papers
  • Scripts/Speeches

Contact us to find out how CCS can develop a case study program to enrich your marketing campaigns, attract publicity and help your sales force win deals.